Renewable Grants

There are several grants available that partially fund renewable installations and upgrades for Businesses, Farm and Home Owners.

SEAI Solar Electricity Grant: - €3000 funding for a domestic Solar PV installation.

TAMS II Grant for Solar PV installations: - up to 60% or €9300 funding available for your Farm.

SEAI Electric Car Home Charging Point: - grant available up to €600.

Grants are available to eligible Applicants for undertaking the following works, in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Practice as published on the SEAI website.

The support levels are as follows:

Solar PV Installations: 0-2 kWp Solar PV Systems €900 per kWp installed 

Solar PV AND battery Installations:

0-2 kWp Solar PV Systems €900 per kWp installed

2-4 kWp Solar PV systems €300 per kWp installed

Battery Storage €600 per home

Total available grant is €3000

SEAI requirements to be eligible for Solar PV grant funding:

Property needs to be built and been occupied before 2011

After the Installation has been completed, the property must be a minimum of a BER rating C

No other SEAI grant has been applied to that property


Based on an estimate given for Galway City, tiled roof south facing 35% roof pitch:

2KWP system with I Boost Immersion Controller

Price incl Material Labour SEAI certification process €4150

SEAI grant available €1800

Customer self cost € 2350

Estimated annual energy savings €180

Benefits of increased BER rating, reduced emissions, cheaper energy bills

SPECTER TECHNICS provides step by step guidance to customers when applying to these grants.

We take care of the grant application process from start to finish for our customers.